How Coaches Are Adjusting to a “New” Normal

In March of 2020 the whole country and normal life as we know it came to a complete stand still. The novel coronavirus stopped every facet of life from office work to child care and school to sports practices and games. We waited with to see how or when we would get back to what we considered to be our “normal” lives. As the days stretched into weeks and those weeks into months we slowly began to accept that this new reality may be our new “normal”.  Coaches began to experiment with virtual practices and meetings to see how those would go. Then they advanced that to distanced workouts for their teams and ultimately, if you’re the NBA, MLS, or NHL, a bubble season. These organizations have millions to facilitate these procedures for the players. Most clubs and highschools do not.

How Youth Teams are Adapting 

What about the younger organizations? How are those coaches and players adjusting to this new “normal” without the backing of millions of dollars? These coaches are becoming highly innovative to get what they need to get done in a safe and effective manner so that every one of their athletes feel safe at practice or in the weight room. Soccer coaches in particular have been utilizing virtual meetings and practices to help their team meet their goals. This means 1 on 1 over Zoom, holding virtual workouts so the team can feel together even though they’re apart, or sending out virtual workouts for players to do on their own. 

Virtual Training for Young Athletes 

Coaches crave structured practices, strength sessions, and games but this shut down has brought out a creative side. Athletes can be scattered across regions so the ability to reach all those athletes has been a challenge. This is why going virtual for coaches has been the best option to reach all of their athletes in a quick, easy fashion. Virtual practices and drills with comprehensive feedback ensure players keep improving, and coaches quantify the results. Strength and conditioning has also gone virtual, allowing qualified strength and conditioning coaches to be available for a fraction of the cost of an in person coach. 

Virtual Training for Soccer Players and Teams

As we continue, these new ways of doing meetings, practices, and training sessions will become the norm. Not only will virtual training allow for greater access and accountability amongst athletes, but it will allow coaches to be able to relate to their athletes better. The combination of the old practices and these new modernized practices will ultimately help transition us into the realm of “virtual” training.  Train Like Legends’ expansive video library and easy to use feedback system ensure your team or athlete never miss a beat.