The Benefits of Team Strength and Conditioning for Soccer

Soccer is a sport that requires an athlete to start and stop on a dime while dribbling a soccer ball; it requires quickness to move and bend around defenders, and a fitness level higher than most other sports. This unique blend of athletic skill makes it imperative for athletes to have a high level of fitness across an entire soccer team. 

Team Soccer Training

Teams are always looking for a way to get to that next level whether it is advanced technology infused soccer training, more soccer drills, or simply just more practice time. Coaches are constantly searching for a better way to do things for their teams. However, one aspect that’s constantly overlooked is adding a structured strength and conditioning program. 

All professional level and collegiate soccer teams have a professional strength and conditioning coach on staff to help their players be better athletes. However, while the upper level organizations can afford to hire such coaches, some highschools or clubs simply can’t. This is what Train Like Legends is designed to accomplish- provide the specialized support most teams need but can’t afford. 

Benefits of Strength Training

A structured strength and conditioning program will not only help players perform better on the field, but it will also, and perhaps more importantly, decrease the risk of injury. A common injury amongst soccer players is an ACL tear, especially in young female athletes. A proper strength program will help decrease the likelihood of tears like these, as well as other muscular injuries. Studies have shown that injuries that occur in young athletes who don’t participate in a training program versus youth athletes who did, is substantially higher. 

While some athletes seek out training programs individually to better themselves, there is a benefit for teams if the players train together. This will help cultivate a unified culture and competition within the team. Teams who support one another and trust that the other players are doing their best to be better, ultimately earn wins on the field. 

Completely Virtual Team Training

Accredited strength and conditioning coaches are becoming a necessity for soccer teams to succeed at the highest level. A good strength and conditioning coach will work in unison with the head coach to help put the best conditioned team out on the field. Increasingly, teams are turning to a digital platform to help them achieve this. Soccer training apps and training platforms are becoming more regular to help facilitate better conditioned athletes.   Train Like Legends, championed by 3X USWNT Gold Medal winner Heather Mitts, is designed to help keep your team engaged, motivated, and growing.  Reach out today to learn more.