The Switch to Virtual Strength and Conditioning post COVID-19

2020 has proved to be a challenging year for everybody. With the uncertainty of in person practices, matches, and strength training, coaches’ jobs of getting their teams ready has become much more difficult. An increasing number of coaches are making the switch to virtual practices with position specific soccer drills and training for their teams to account for this, which has created a new avenue for coaches to stay connected with their athletes. As practices and drills became increasingly more virtual, the logical next step was for teams to do the same.

Why Strength and Conditioning Matters

A proper strength and conditioning program is paramount for a program to be successful. All the top tier teams have a well paid coach, or team of coaches, whose job it is to take care of their athletes and make sure they are in top shape. These coaches usually have degrees in Exercise Science or Physiology, hold a number of certifications, and have years of experience behind the scenes. This also means that their time is very valuable and most organizations simply don’t have the funds to have a coach on staff at all times. 

The Benefits of Virtual Strength Training

Virtual training changes this. Now, quality strength coaches are both available and affordable. So teams who may have not had an in-person strength and conditioning coach on staff before, can now afford to pay for coaches’ services at a fraction of the cost of in-person training. This leaves the skill development to the soccer coaches, and the strength and conditioning work to the strength coach.  Ultimately, this distribution establishes a balance found at most major universities and professional soccer clubs around the world. 

Various training apps have made this switch to a more virtual approach much easier as well. Comprehensive data tracking has helped soccer coaches across the world keep their players honest and working hard. Virtual strength and conditioning also allows a user to have access to coaches who may not live nearby, but have a strong soccer strength and conditioning background. 

Virtual Soccer Training and Athlete Development

As we continue to move forward into this new age of training and technology it is still important that coaches find qualified professionals to work with their teams. Many people can claim that they are the best fit but true professionals have years of experience at many different levels. Not only do they have experience, but they also have a record of success, not only in terms of wins, but in terms of low injury rate, high athlete adherence, and continual engagement with the team.  Train Like Legends combines world-level training videos, with comprehensive feedback and analysis capabilities to deliver a completely streamlined conditioning development.